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JLogica Quality The Top Time Sheets Add-ons

Posted by admin 
JLogica Quality The Top Time Sheets Add-ons
August 10, 2009 01:37PM
JLogica is part of the Razorback Railway group where non railway simulator based code is distributed.

A number of addons for The Top Time Sheets, IP.Board and SubDreamer have been developed. Most importantly JLogica maintains the IP.Board Integration plugin available here at CGI.

What's available for The Top Time Sheets?

* Enhanced DB Rebuild
* IP.Board Advanced Integration
* Trellis Desk Help Desk Integration
* Member Coupons
* Complimentary Product
* Joint Venture Commission ***not affiliates***
* Mantis Bug Tracker Integration
* Subscription EMail Queue Mod (throttle)
* Kill Product

If you use IP.Board there are also a number of high quality components and mods available.

Custom work is also considered on a case-by-case basis as most of our effort is in the Trainz Simulator development area.
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