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Timesheet Software / Top Time Sheets Frequently Asked Questions

Please check through Timesheet Software / Top Time Sheets FAQ below (click on a question to see the answer). In addition to this you may find what you are looking for is answered in our How? What? and Where? section here also please check the TMM Features here
If you do not find your desired question, please contact us here.

No, not at this time. Many of our clients utilized our database schema to pull the necessary data for their invoicing needs.
You can create a project during initial set-up called 'General'. Then employees can submit their hours and add any additional notes to the hours if they feel it is necessary to be more specific as to where those hours were spent.
Web Timesheets is very easy to use and implement.
During evaluation the set-up does not take more than a few minutes. During implementation there are more questions to consider and can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to set-up. Customers have begun using our product in as little as 1 hour.
The cost of TopTimeSheets is £3.00 per month. Here is a link to our purchasing page
You need nothing to set-up TimeSheet. From when you sign up for your first access to Web TimeSheet with our 2 week trial, you have full administrative rights in the application. When you are ready to go live you are already set-up to go.
TimeSheet has comprehensive reporting with real time data available at your fingertips.
Not at all, we have companies with 1 user utilizing our software to understand their costs, complete their billing and understand where time is being spent
Absolutely, we have over 6700 customers today who can implement within hours. The reason we are able to make this statement is because TimeSheet focuses on the ease of use as we recognize if the solution is not simple to use it will get shelved.
Yes, with our in/out format for the toptimesheets you have the ability to enter time via start and stop times. Additionally, stopwatch functionality is available to ensure accuracy down to the minute without having to remain logged into the system.
Web TimeSheet is highly configurable to look and feel like your solution.
If your internet provider goes down, your database is still hosted by TopTimeSheets and your data is safe and accessible again as soon as your provider is up again.
The online trial is for 2 weeks.
Application Service Provider and Software as a Service. TimeSheet as an ASP option meaning we host and maintain your data at a data warehouse so that you don't have to put the investment in hardware and personnel. This acronym is interchangeable with SaaS (Software as a Service)
If you go with TimeSheet you do not require anything to run the software as the maintenance, hardware and personnel to maintain the database will be taken care of through TimeSheet.
Web based is an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network such as the internet or an intranet. When purchasing software most companies require a web based application so that they do not have to install software on everyone's machine and only have to maintain the application on a server. ASP is an application service provider, a business that provides computer based services to customers over a network. Sometimes this can be termed as SAAS (software as a service) or on-demand software.
No you do not require a server.
TimeSheet gathers the information for payroll purposes. But to process the payment and taxes you must use a separate application.
At this time scheduling is not available in the software but we are always refining the TimeSheet in further detail and would love your feedback or requirements.
Since Web TimeSheet is hosted on standard operating systems and hardware, customers can take advantage of access limitations provided by their existing firewalls and network security to allow specific users to access the application remotely.
If your internet provider goes does and you have chosen to go with our ASP option, your database is still hosted by TimeSheet and your data is safe and accessible again as soon as your provider is up again.
TopTimeSheets is implemented using SSL certificates to ensure that all communication is encrypted. All data access is managed through the application and there is no database connectivity from the client. TopTimeSheet's granular permissions mean all users are authenticated with a user login and password. Additionally using TopTimeSheets provides a hardware hosting solution fully secured 24/7/365 through card key access, video surveillance and live security personnel.
TopTimeSheets is designed to help you manage your work force with ease. The user friendly interface allows your employees to very quickly input required time and project data, while the advanced reporting and data analysis tool provides relevant, real-time data to the management team.
Web TimeSheet's easy-to-use interface enables employees to quickly capture their time and the robust reporting engine allows you to generate real-time reports to effectively manage your projects and forecast cost overruns as well as time overruns.
TopTimeSheets is very flexible and can be configured to meet your organizational requirements.