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Top Time Sheets Demo

To get an inside look at the power of Top Time Sheets and to see just how fully featured it is please check out the online demo. The details to access the demo are listed below.

Admin panel demo

Username: admin
Password: admin

Demo admin Timesheet Software

Employee demo

Username: user
Password: user

Demo user Timesheet Software

Getting Started

  1. Log into the admin panel. 

    • Log in to the admin panel via the link above using the username admin and the password admin.

  2. Add a new client. 

    • Clients are owners of projects; you can have 1, 2, 3 or 103 clients. The "Client" could even be just you.

  3. Add a new project. 

    • You can have as many projects on the go as you want. Just assign them to a client and you are set.

  4. Add a new task. 

    • Select a client.
      Select a project from that client's list [or create a new project] and give the task a name.
      You have a full featured editor to add as deep or as light a description as you need; we've even provided you with a facility to upload files to our servers which you can share with your users.
      Select which users are assigned to this task. [Hold ctrl to select more then one user.] 
      This task will then appear on that users 'assigned task list' and they will be able to book time to it.
      Don't have any users created yet? Don't worry you can choose to not assign any users and come back and edit the task's details to add or remove users as you want.


  5. Create users

    • From within the user management section you can add, edit or remove as many users as you need.
      You can then go back and assign to these users the tasks you created in step 3.
      And that's it! You are now ready to use the system to keep track of times and attendance of your users as they login and log out and work through your projects.
      Remember the system is as deep or as light as you need it.
      If you don't want to keep track of your projects and just want to keep a daily attendance log of your users that's fine you can do that.
      Or you can use the system to book time against your entire organisations projects.
      Or a mix of both it is up to you.


  6. Tips. 

    • If you don't want to clutter up the global summary with dead or frozen projects but still want to keep a record of them, just set the clients, projects or tasks that you don't want to see as "Inactive". They will then be archived and taken out of the main view. You can choose to view the inactive clients projects or tasks at any time as well as reactivate them as and when they are needed. 

  7. Did you know? 

    • The tasks are collaborative. Your users can update descriptions of tasks you assign to them as well as download and upload files that you all can share.